What is the difference between CometChat PHP & CometChat Cloud?

Use CometChat (self-hosted) if…

1. Your site uses PHP + mySQL/PostgreSQL: This is because CometChat (self-hosted) can be tightly integrated with your site along with using the same database.
2. You want to keep all data on your end: This is because when using CometChat (self-hosted), all conversations will be stored on your server only.
3. Want to pay a one-time cost (certain features have additional costs as mentioned in our requirements page).
4. Want to customize CometChat or write custom PHP/Javascript logic (e.g. changing end-users, changing layout etc.).

Use CometChat Cloud if…

1. You want to get your site up and running in minutes.
2. Need a ready out of the box solution.
3. You do not have a server or your server does not allow you to upload custom code e.g. SaaS-based software like Ning, SocialEngine Cloud etc. do not allow uploading custom code.
4. Your server technology is other than PHP + mySQL/PostgreSQL e.g. if you want to add CometChat to Microsoft SharePoint.
5. Want to use CometChat only in your app (i.e. using our SDK).

The above rules are not hard and fast. If you think CometChat (self-hosted) or Cloud will work better for your needs, then sure, by all means, go ahead! If you are still in doubt, contact us and we will help you out 🙂

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