Auto-upgrade Issue

You can follow the below steps to auto-upgrade CometChat on your site if you face any issues:

1) Make sure your domain name and license key are updated under your license and in CometChat admin panel respectively.

    • I) To update domain please follow the below steps:

    • i. Go to
    • ii. Click on ‘update domain’.
    • iii. Assign your domain.
    • iv. Now click on ‘Associate.

    • II) To update license key:

    • i. Login to CometChat admin panel.
    • ii. Navigate to Setting tab -> Change License Key.
    • iii. Update the license key and click on update button. (You can obtain the key from

2) Make sure you have 777 or full permission to ‘/writable’ directory recursively.

3) Download the latest package from

4) Create a new directory with the latest package name inside ‘/cometchat/writable/updates’ folder (If a directory with latest package name does not exist). Suppose the latest version of CometChat is 6.4.0 then create a directory named ‘6.4.0’ inside ‘/cometchat/writable/updates’ folder.

5) Delete the old file if already exists from 6.4.0 directory and place the that you have downloaded (in step 1).

6) Now, login to CometChat admin panel and click on ‘update button’ on admin Dashboard.

7) Clear the CometChat cache and your browser cache.

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