Upgrading CometChat

You don’t need to manually update the CometChat to the new version, it will automatically update to its latest version.

To update CometChat, go to CometChat Administration Panel -> Dashboard

In the dashboard, CometChat will automatically checks if any update is available.

If CometChat is already up to date the dashboard will look like:


If an update of CometChat is available then dashboard will look like:


Click on “DOWNLOAD” button to download the latest version of CometChat.



If any error occurs while downloading, please download the cometchat.zip file manually from my.cometchat.com and place cometchat.zip file inside cometchat/writable/updates/<VERSION NUMBER>/.

eg: If the available version is 6.3.1 then place cometchat.zip file in cometchat/writable/updates/6.3.1/

After placing the file inside VERSION NUMBER folder, reload the dashboard and click on “UPDATE NOW” button.

If the cometchat.zip file is successfully downloaded, the update page is shown as follows then click on “UPDATE NOW” button.


This will automatically update the CometChat.


NOTE: If you face any issue with the update, please contact our support team to assist you.

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