Using Self-hosted

webRTC Server Installation for VideoChat:

Step 1

Open “CometService Videochat” folder and locate “CometService Videochat.exe” file.

Step 2

Double click on “CometService Videochat.exe” file which will start your webRTC server.

Step 3

To make sure this software to start on startup of your server follow the below steps:
 1.  Download NSSM software from here
 2. Extract the downloaded zip.
 3. Open command prompt and type nssm install webrtcservice.
 4. Follow the onscreen instructions and provide the path of “CometService Videochat.exe”.

Step 4

Install a php server in your system which is required for video chat from web browsers. Recommended is XAMPP.

Step 5

Configure your server as a service so that it will start on startup of your server. For XAMPP server use this link.

Step 6

Extract to root folder of your server.

Step 7

Open “app.js” file and locate “this.icelinkServerAddress” and “this.websyncServerUrl” at start of the file. Then change the ip address to your server’s ip address. The lines will look like as follows:

this.icelinkServerAddress = "<ip address>:3478";
this.websyncServerUrl = "http://<ip address>:8080/websync.ashx";

Note: Do not change the port numbers.

If you have configured your server to have “https” connection then you need to modify the websyncServerUrl as follows:

this.websyncServerUrl = "https://<ip address>:8443/websync.ashx";

Step 8

You will also have to allow the ports 8080, 8443, 3478 via UDP and TCP through the Windows Firewall. You can refer this link to open ports.

Step 9

To check whether webRTC server is running perfectly, hit following URL in your browser:

http://<ip address>:8080/websync.ashx

If you see “OK” in your browser then webRTC is running perfectly.

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