Installing CometChat as an SkaDate plugin

Step 1

You will find two zip files inside the ‘cometchat_UNZIP_FIRST’ folder. Unzip the ‘’ file and merge the extracted ‘ow_plugins’ folder with the existing ‘ow_plugins’ directory of your site.

Step 2

Log in to SkaDate administration panel, go to ‘PLUGINS > Available Plugins’.

Step 3

Find ‘CometChat’ under the list of ‘AVAILABLE PLUGINS > Plugins to Install’ and click INSTALL.


Step 4

Go to ‘PLUGINS > Installed Plugins’. Find and select ‘CometChat’ under ‘INSTALLED PLUGINS > Active Plugins’ and click SETTINGS.


Step 5

Select the ‘’ file provided in the package and click UPLOAD.


Note: If you face problem while uploading ‘’ file, please unzip the ‘’ that has been provided in the package. Place the ‘cometchat’ folder in the skadate root directory and execute ‘cometchat/install.php’ from “http://<path_to_skadate>/cometchat/install.php”. Also, CHMOD the following folder to 777 (recursively):

Step 6

Once the CometChat is installed successfully on your site, the CometChat Administration Panel will be displayed.


Additional Settings:

User Group:
You can hide CometChat for specific groups by simply entering the user group’s ID in the ‘Hide CometChat from’ field and click SAVE SETTINGS.


Hide CometChat:
You can hide CometChat bar from your site by entering ‘all’ in the ‘Hide CometChat from’ field and click SAVE SETTINGS.


Inbox Synchronization:
Check “Yes” to enable Inbox Synchronization and click SAVE SETTINGS.


Note: The inbox synchronization will work only if SkaDate’s mailbox plugin is installed and activated. Also, ensure that message mode of that plugin is set to ‘Chats’ or ‘Mails + Chat’.

Activate / Deactivate CometChat:
To activate / deactivate CometChat on your site, go to ‘PLUGINS > Installed Plugins’. Find ‘CometChat’ under ‘INSTALLED PLUGINS > Active Plugins / Inactive Plugins’ and click DEACTIVATE / ACTIVATE respectively.


Upgrading CometChat

To upgrade CometChat on your site, download CometChat package from ‘’. Unzip the and upload the new ‘’ and click UPGRADE.


If the upload of “” fails, then please upload “cometchat” folder to your “webroot” directory using FTP client. The “webroot” directory is usually ‘public_html’ or ‘www’.

Not finding what you need?

The CometChat team is here to help!