Boonex Dolphin

Installing CometChat as a Boonex Dolphin plugin

Step 1

You will find two zip files inside the ‘cometchat_UNZIP_FIRST’ folder. Unzip the ‘’ file and place it within the modules folder of your BoonEx: Dolphin site.

Step 2

Log in to BoonEx: Dolphin administration panel and from the left menu, go to
Modules > Add & Manage.

Step 3

Find and select “CometChat” under the list of NOT INSTALLED MODULES and click INSTALL.


Step 4

Go to Modules > Add & Manage > CometChat.


Step 5

Select the ‘’ file provided in the package and click UPLOAD.


Step 6

Once CometChat is installed, CometChat Administration Panel will be displayed.


Additional settings:

Inbox Synchronization:
To enable Inbox Synchronization, check “Yes” option and click SAVE.


User Group:
To enable CometChat for a particular user group, check that user group and click SAVE to save the settings.
To enable CometChat for all usergroups, keep the options unchecked.


Hide CometChat Bar:
To hide CometChat bar, check “Yes” option and click SAVE.

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Upgrading CometChat

To upgrade CometChat to its latest version on your site, download CometChat package from ‘’. Unzip the and upload the new ‘’ and click UPLOAD.


Note :
If you face problem while uploading ‘’ file, please unzip the ‘’ that has been provided in the package. Place the ‘cometchat’ folder in the Boonex root directory and execute ‘cometchat/install.php’ from “http://<path_to_boonex>/cometchat/install.php”. Also,
CHMOD the following folder to 777 (recursively):

Not finding what you need?

The CometChat team is here to help!