Messages in the chat window are center aligned and I want them to be left aligned. What changes should be made?

The reason for this issue is:

You might have applied CSS directly to HTML tags (instead of classes or IDs) and so the site’s CSS is conflicting with CometChat CSS. You can confirm this by checking CometChat at the URL

If CometChat is working perfectly, then you need to find out which CSS attribute is conflicting with CometChat using a developer tool like Firebug.

For example,

Suppose the following CSS script from main.css file of your site is conflicting with CometChat CSS script:

span {

Then you can apply any of the following fixes to resolve the issue:

1. You can remove the CSS directly applied to HTML tags. This is the simplest method but it might conflict with the other elements on your site.

For the above example, you can remove or comment the CSS for span in the main.css file.

2. In the file /cometchat/themes/
, add the code that will nullify the CSS from your site CSS.

For the above example,

#cometchat span{

Please clear your browser cache completely and also delete all files inside /cometchat/cache directory to see the effect of changes you have made.

Not finding what you need?

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