I don’t want CometChat to store saved logs. How do I disable the save logs option?

If you are not using CometService, you cannot completely disable logs. This is because your mySQL table is used to transport data from the sender to the receiver.

However, you can clean up the tables periodically by running the following cronjob every 3 hours:

For executing cron, login into CometChat administration panel -> select setting tab -> select cron in the left hand menu -> click on cron url code icon next to ‘Delete one-to-one messages except unread’ to get cron url code.

Alternatively, select on checkbox next to ‘Delete one-to-one messages except unread’ and then click run.

If you are using CometService,

You can set “Save Logs” to “No” through CometChat Administration Panel.

Click on Settings tab -> Comet Service -> Select “No” option for Save logs? -> Click on “Update Settings” button.

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