How do I retain the original size of the smileys/emoticons or increase their size?

To retain the original size of the smileys, you need to remove the height and width attribute from the following code in cometchat/cometchat_

$text = str_ireplace(str_replace('&','&',htmlspecialchars($pattern, ENT_NOQUOTES)).' ','<img class="cometchat_smiley" height="16" width="16" src="'.BASE_URL.'images/smileys/'.$result.'" title="'.$title.'"> ',$text.' ');

Replace $text to:

$text = str_ireplace(str_replace('&','&',htmlspecialchars($pattern, ENT_NOQUOTES)).' ','<img class="cometchat_smiley" src="'.BASE_URL.'images/smileys/'.$result.'"> ',$text.' ');

And to increase the size of the smileys, simply modify the height and width attribute of the image.
For example if you want to set the size of the image to 30×30, you need to set the height and width attribute as shown below:

$text = str_ireplace(str_replace('&','&',htmlspecialchars($pattern, ENT_NOQUOTES)).' ','<img class="cometchat_smiley" height="30" width="30" src="'.BASE_URL.'images/smileys/'.$result.'" title="'.$title.'"> ',$text.' ');

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