How do I re-size and change the position of CometChat bar on my site?

To re-size and change the position of CometChat bar, log into the Administration Panel and visit the themes page. Configure your active theme by clicking on the edit option.

1. Resizing the CometChat bar

The Bar layout can be set to the following:

    1. Fluid – The bar will be resized dynamically as the browser window is resized

    1. Fixed – The bar width will remain fixed irrespective of the size of the browser window

  • We highly recommend that you do not set the width of the bar in pixels to less than 960 in case of fixed bar layout.


    2. Positioning the CometChat bar

    The bar can be docked either on the left, center or right horizontally. Vertically, the position is always fixed to the bottom of the browser window.

    The bar can be aligned only when the Bar layout is fixed.

    Edit the drop down If set to fixed, then enter the alignments of the bar as per your requirements.

    Padding of bar allows you to add spacing between the bar and the ends of the horizontal ends of the browser window.


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