CometChat bar does not appear on my site after installation.

If your bar does not appear after installation, then any of the following could be the issue for this:

1. Template code has not been updated

You may have not updated your site template code correctly. Visit your site, view source code and search for cometchatjs.php. If not found, then please update your site template again.

2. Path to CometChat is incorrect

During detection, it is possible that the path to CometChat is detected incorrectly. To manually check if the path exists, click on view source for your site page and find cometchatjs.php and cometchatcss.php. Now check if these paths are correct.

3. Compression interference

To reduce bandwidth usage, CometChat uses compression by default. However, this may interfere with the site’s compression policies. To disable compression, manually edit config.php and change GZIP_ENABLED to 0.

4. Site cache interference

To improve site’s performance, few CMS stores the source code, css and java script in the site’s cache. So in order to get CometChat on your site after adding the correct CometChat HTML code in your site template file, you need to clear or recompile the site’s cache.

Not finding what you need?

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