After installing CometChat, the load on our server is high. What can I do to reduce this load?

To reduce load on your Server:

1. Make sure all your tables are InnoDB (it supports row level locking instead of table locking).

2. Run cronjob every 3 hours to clear your CometChat table entries.

For executing cron, login into CometChat administration panel -> select setting tab -> select cron in the left hand menu -> click on cron url code icon next to ‘Run entire cron’ to get cron url code.

Alternatively, select on checkbox next to ‘Run entire cron’ and then click run.

3. You can enable caching using various types of caching options provided. For example, Memcache, APC, File Caching, etc.

For more details on how to proceed, please refer to the following URL:

4. You can avoid execution of MySQL queries against your database and improve the performance of the chat system by subscribing to our CometService which offloads 95% of the work to our server.

We also provide third-party-alternatives which can be used instead of CometService.

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