sendChatroomMessage( )

The sendChatroomMessage API allows you to dynamically send messages to a particular chatroom.


sendChatroomMessage($to = 0,$message = '',$notsilent = 1)

Sample Code

1. By setting $notsilent to 1. A sample use would be to post a message on behalf of the user in a chatroom.(You can find out the chatroom ID from *CometChat Administration Panel* -> *Chatrooms*).

include_once ('cometchat/cometchat_init.php');
sendChatroomMessage ('1',"I love this site! I have already donated, have you?",1);

2. By setting $notsilent to 0 , the API returns the inserted Id (id of the message in database) of the message rather than posting a message in the chatroom. This should be used when a message needs some processing before being posted in the chatroom.

include_once ('cometchat/cometchat_init.php');
$insertedid = sendChatroomMessage ('1',"MESSAGE_THAT_REQUIRES_TO_BE_PROCESSED",0);

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