Creating a New Module


Module creation takes only a few minutes. You do not need any knowledge of PHP or JavaScript to create your own module.

If you are looking to create a module only for your own use, you can use the Create New Tray Icon guide.

If you would like to distribute the file to other users, you need to add one more file to your folder- code.php

To generate contents for code.php, first find your listing in config.php and use base64 encoding to encode the string. Then create the file with contents like

$trayiconinfo = array('chatrooms','Chatrooms');
$trayicondata = 'JHRyYXlpY29uW10gPSBhcnJheSgnY2hhdHJvb21zJywnQ2hhdHJvb21zJywnbW9kdWxlcy9jaGF0cm9vbXMvaW5kZXgucGhwJywnX3BvcHVwJywnNTAwJywnMzAwJywnJywnMScpOw';

The `$trayicondata` is the base64 encoded version of

$trayicon[] = array('chatrooms','Chatrooms','modules/chatrooms/index.php','_popup','500','300','','1','1');

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