Optimizing Performance

Quick steps

1. You can go to your Administration panel -> Settings and select Cron. Run Individual or Entire Cron as per your requirements. Alternatively, you can click on ‘Cron URL Code’ and run the URL appearing in the pop up box periodically (every 3 hours).
2. Show CometChat only for logged in users (i.e. hide bar for non-logged in users).
3. Set CometChat to show only online friends/users in Who’s Online list.
4. Move the CometChat HTML code from just after <head> to just before </body>.
5. If you are using standalone integration, make sure that your SQL queries are optimized.
6. Make sure file caching or memcache option is enabled in CometChat Administration panel.


If your server is unable to handle the load, we suggest you subscribe to our CometService. We also provide alternative transports- Self-hosted APE server and PusherApp which can be used instead of CometService.

Not finding what you need?

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