Add custom tray icon

You can create your own module in minutes using the Add custom tray icon feature.

To create your own module, follow the steps listed below:

* Set a title for your module.
* Then upload a 16 x 16 px PNG icon for your module.
* Set a link that will open up on the click of the icon.
* Select 1 from the 4 options available in the ‘Type’ dropdown box

There are four options:

1. Same Window – Ideal for links part of your site (e.g. user registration page)
2. New Window – Recommended for links not part of your site (e.g. an advertisement)
3. Popup – Recommended for pages which are designed to open in a popup (e.g. chatrooms module is a popup). If you select this option, then you will have to set the height and width of the popup.
4. Lightbox (same window popup) – Module will open in a light box that floats overtop of the web page.


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