Conversation Features


Conversation Features are of two types:

1. To enhance one-on-one chat functionality
2. To enhance group functionality

One-on-one Conversation features

One-on-one conversation features add new characteristics to the one-on-one chat box. In other words, when the user of your site chats with another user using the chat box on the right side, he/she can have a better chatting experience with the help of these features.
e.g. audio/video chat, screen-sharing etc. are examples of one-on-one conversation features.

Group features

Group features add new functionality to the groups. You can add group features like video conference, screen-sharing, white-board etc. to groups. All features available for one-on-one chat cannot be added to groups but most features are common with one difference. In one-on-one chat, these features are used between two users. In groups, they are used by multiple users at the same time.

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