Bots are artificially intelligent programs that can do many useful things like search for news, weather and more.

How to add bots

1. Login to and click on Add New Bot.


2. Enter a name for your bot and click on Create Bot OR select a ready-to-use bot.


3. Click on Add New Platform. Now, select CometChat from the platform dropdown, enter the CometChat URL and click on Add Platform button.


Note: CometChat URL should contain the path of CometChat folder located on your server. For e.g.

4. Once the platform is added you will receive an API key which needs to be added in CometChat Administration Panel for bot integration.


Configuring bots

1. Enable Bots from CometChat Administration Panel –> Customize & Install –> Bot Settings and click on “Yes”.


2. Enter the API key you noted previously.

3. Click on the Add Bot button and close the window.


Rebuild a bot

In case you have performed some modifications on your bot from for e.g. changed bot name, updated avatar, etc you have to rebuild a bot to fetch those changes.

1. Click on the Rebuild icon rebuild besides the bot name and close the window.


Deleting a bot

1. Click on the Delete icon Image_12 besides the bot name to remove the bot.

delete (1)

Not finding what you need?

The CometChat team is here to help!