Login to CometChat

To start using SDK functionality, you first need to login to your website using SDK. Using SDK you can login by 2 ways:

  • Using username & password
  • The syntax of this login method is as follows :

    Login(String USER_NAME, String PASSWORD,Callbacks callback)


    ccometchat.Login("jane", "mypassword",new MyCallback(successObj=>this.onSucess(successObj)));

    Where MyCallback is as follows :

    class MyCallback : Java.Lang.Object, ICallback{
         Action <Org.Json.JSONObject> _onSuccess;
         Action <Org.Json.JSONObject> _onFail;
         public MyCallback(Action<Org.Json.JSONObject> onSuccess, Action<Org.Json.JSONObject> onFail = null)
    	this._onFail = onFail;
    	this._onSuccess = onSuccess;
          void SuccessCallbac(JSONObject){...}
          void FailCallback(JSONObject){...}

    If you have logged in successfully, the successCallback will be fired containing the following response :

    {"message": "Login successful"}
  • Using the UserID
  • You can also login to CometChat by using your UserID.
    The syntax of this login method is as follows:

    Login(String USER_ID,Callbacks callback)


    cometchat.Login("15",new MyCallback(successObj=>this.onSucess(successObj)));

    The success response will be same as of above.

    Logout from CometChat

    Calling this function will end the current session and clears user data.
    The syntax is as follows :

    Logout(Callbacks callback)


    cometchat.Logout(new MyCallback(successObj=>this.onSucess(successObj)));

    Not finding what you need?

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