Beginner’s Guide

CometChat allows users to converse through One-on-One Chat as well as Chatrooms. The CometChat SDK is designed so that it can be seamlessly integrated and used with your existing iOS application. Now to add CometChatSDK to your application and to be able to send/receive messages you have to add the following framework and dependencies:

Get started

You can now use CometChat SDK even if you are using our CometChat Cloud Service.
Note that this CometChat SDK works only with the “Custom Integration” platform, so if you are using any other platform you need to switch to “Custom Integration” platform.

For CometChat SDK to work with CometChat Cloud Service you need an API-Key which will be obtained from CometChat Administration panel.
To get the API-Key, login to CometChat Administration panel and select “Custom Integration” platform in the Settings tab.
Navigate to “Add CometChat” tab, copy the API-Key from “CometChat SDK” section.

To start with, you have to make an instance of CometChat class as follows:

CometChat *cometchat =  [[CometChat alloc] initWithAPIKey:@”YOUR API-KEY”];

Here, you need to pass the API-Key

With CometChat Cloud SDK you can get following features:

Ready UI

With CometChat SDK v1.6 (Message SDK) you can integrate in build chat user interface in your app. With this you can open a chat window for a specific user or open a whole chat app inside your app.
To checkout more functionalities and their usages refer our Ready UI documentation

Custom UI

You can create your own chat app with the SDK apis. With CometChat SDK you can have following functionalities in your app:

  • Send/receive messages to users
  • Send/receive images, audio, video files
  • Set your profile status, status message
  • Get your chat history
  • Create/delete chatrooms
  • Join/leave chatrooms
  • To checkout more functionalities and their usages refer our Custom UI documentation

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